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What is BTRFLY
How do stories work
How do people nearby work
How do memberships work
Where do I allow localization services so that I can use the app as much as possible?
How to delete my account?
How do I change the gender I'm interested in my profile?
What if I see someone posting inappropriate content?
How do I reach the support?
What if I paid for a membership but the service has not been activated?
I forgot my password, now what?
How do I block a user?
How do I block user's stories?
What are the marks by profile pictures?
What is Boost?
How to cancel your subscription?

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Btrfly S.E.

Bajkalská 45G

Bratislava - Ružinov, 821 05 Slovak Republic

Company reg. number: 54 184 801

Tax ID: 212 159 6807

VAT reg. number: SK 212 159 6807

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